Spreading holiday cheer internationally: Flower Edition

2020 was a year no one could have predicted. No matter where you are located, you will have seen upheavals, stress and uncertainty. We are now all facing Christmas unlike any other. This means that we may not be in a position to travel to celebrate the holiday with our loved ones.

How can you spread holiday cheer this holiday season? Send holiday flowers to those you love. We can send holiday flowers to anyone, no matter where they may be. Continue reading to learn more.


Many people have had a tough year. Although it may seem obvious that flowers would bring joy to our homes, research has shown that they have many health benefits.

Harvard researchers found that people feel less stressed if they are near flowers. They also believe that flowers can soothe anxiety. Flowers can be a natural mood booster and help improve your emotional health.

It can be difficult to go outside during winter due to current restrictions. A beautiful arrangement of flowers in your living area can add a sense of calm and nature to your day.

It’s interesting to note that many people work from home. There is also evidence that plants and flowers can increase productivity. A plant or bouquet can increase creativity, problem solving skills, and overall productivity.

These are just a few of the many reasons holiday flowers make a great gift to give to family and friends this holiday season. Flowers can improve mood, reduce stress and depression, as well as give people a greater sense satisfaction with life.

A seasonal bouquet is a great way to lift spirits and create a festive atmosphere in the homes of your loved ones.


A mini-Christmas tree can be arranged to be delivered to family and friends around the globe. A smaller tree could work for many families who don’t have the space to put a large one in their homes.

A mini tree can be used as a centerpiece, or as a feature in a hallway. You should choose a reliable florist that offers a freshness guarantee if you want to purchase a mini tree to be delivered to a friend or relative in another country.

Also, make sure you check the accessories included so you are clear on what you are ordering. A few trees may have a stand, but it is not included in the purchase. This must be purchased separately.

How do I send international flowers?

Flowers are a worldwide phenomenon. 

It is easy. You only need to choose your destination and pick your bouquet. As part of the checkout process, delivery charges will be added. Other gifts such as cakes, vases and chocolates can be added to the check-out process.

It is easy to send flowers to us. We can deliver flowers to any occasion, no matter where it is.


You may have been given flowers as a gift or you wish to prolong the blooms’ life. They shouldn’t be limp and sagging by New Year’s.

Trimming the flowers by about a centimeter is the first thing you should do when receiving them. This will increase water absorption. Also, remove any leaves that are not in use and any petals that are limp. Submerged leaves can add bacteria to the water, which can hinder flowers’ water absorption. It can also lead to unpleasant odors.

A mister is another great way to keep flowers hydrated. A mister can be used to give your bouquet a quick spray whenever it starts looking tired. This is especially helpful for fragile blooms.

It is important to choose the right place for your flowers. Although many people think that cut flowers require a lot of sun, it is better to keep them in partial shade.

Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures. Avoid putting them near a window or heating vent. Flowers should be kept in a cool area to avoid drying out.

It is important to not have too many vases. This can also impact water absorption. To ensure enough space, if your bouquet is too big to fit in your vase, split it into two.

Fresh fruit should be kept away from cut flowers as they can release ethylene gas which can reduce their lifespan. Some believe that vodka, or other clear alcohol, can slow down the production of gas in the vase and increase the longevity of the flowers. Give it a shot!

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