Harvard Research: Flowers Are the Perfect Pick-Me-Up to Boost Morning Moods

A new study confirms that flowers can be a great pick-me-up for millions of Americans who don’t consider themselves “morning people.”

Dr. Participants reported that they enjoyed looking at the blooms in the morning, especially in the kitchen. The study’s final results showed that flowers positively affect people’s emotional well-being at home. They make them feel more relaxed and compassionate. Even more, they reported feeling more energetic throughout the day.

Etcoff says, “What I find most interesting is that if you start the day in a positive mood, it is more likely that you will transfer those happier feelings onto others – it is what is known as mood contagion.” “And the kitchen is where families gather in the morning. Imagine how much a positive morning mood can make .”

Top Floral Designer offers quick, simple “How-To” instructions on making flowers for positive moods in the morning.

These findings are not surprising to Rebecca Cole, a City garden and floral designer who hosts Surprise by Design on Discovery Channel. Cole says, “I grew up with a kitchen decorated with flowers.” “My family was intuitively aware that flowers bring joy to those who come in contact with them, and now we have scientific proof span>

Cole shares her experience in floral design with others. She shows them how flowers can capture emotion and foster community in the kitchen.

Cole says, “There are so many spots for flowers in our kitchen – it is the room where most of our waking hours are spent.” Flowers belong everywhere, from the breakfast nook to your countertop to the table to your countertops. This is the best place to change your water !”

Cole offers these tips to experiment with color, from creating dramatic new styles to creatively using containers.

Place flower stems in various kitchen containers, such as jelly jars, salt, and pepper shakers. Choose something that suits your style.

You can make a huge statement by using lots of the same type of flower. For a bright burst, remove the leaves from below the waterline. Make a bold statement with unexpected color combinations.

Red and purple stems can be used in grouped vases, for example. You can use monochromatic flowers from one family to create a pleasing, simple effect.

For a bright feeling, choose citrus-colored flowers. Place a vase containing a few stems from yellow and orange flowers inside a bowl with oranges. You can also place a smaller vase with flowers in a taller, still narrower vase. For a fresh look, fill the larger vase with lemons and limes.

You can use accent colors to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Match flowers with decorative wall plates, placemats, or curtains to highlight key accent colors.

For a dramatic effect, place three decorative bottles or bud vases, either tall or low, along the center of your kitchen table or sink. This is a great way to start conversations with guests.

Inspire neatness. To prevent future messiness, place flowers in areas where kitchen clutter is most common.

Cole says, “What could be easier than bringing home some blooms to brighten up your kitchen table and improve your mood?” “Experiment, design, and smile .”

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