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Most people have experienced the inexplicable joy of receiving flowers at one point or another. What do we know about how to send great floral gifts? Recent research by The Michael Cohen Group shows that both men and women want to learn more about how to buy flowers with confidence.

The Society of American Florists (S.A.F.), a group of floral and interior designers, teamed up to deliver a wealth of floral knowledge. Rebecca Cole, the author of Flower Power and co-host of Surprise by Design on Discovery Channel, is the co-host. They created the Flower Fundamentals to help people become the most sophisticated and sophisticated flower gift-givers possible.

Cole stated that it is easy to be a knowledgeable flower and plant expert. Cole said that knowing a little bit about flowers can help people feel more confident. This is similar to know about great wines and great food.

The Hip Giver’s Handbook

Cole and S.A.F created the Hip Giver’s Guide. It is a monthly resource that provides information on flowers in style, a list of plant varieties, holiday advice and tips, and fresh floral research. The Hip Giver’s Guide provides tips on choosing a local florist. You can also find information on the most popular flowers, design ideas, and other useful information.

What Do Hip Givers Know

According to the Michael Cohen Group, people love flowers and are willing to give them. Ninety-two percent of women can recall when they last received flowers, and 97 percent of men and women can recall when they last gave a gift of flowers.

Many people who were surveyed said that flowers are unique gifts because they create lasting memories. They make recipients and givers feel special. People are more likely to appreciate vibrant and beautiful flowers because of their fleeting nature.

Cole stated, “With a gift full of flowers, it’s easy to know someone cares about you right now.” It’s the gift of flowers and the memories that will last forever .”

What Did Hip Givers Say

88% Flowers can make you feel better

99% agree with the statement that someone who gives flowers is thoughtful

89% think that someone who sends flowers to someone is sophisticated

83% would love to get flowers even if they’re not expecting them

What Do Hip Givers Not Know

Although most floral gifts are bought from local florist shops, the top five things gift-givers don’t know about their local florist.

They’re designers who have the artistic ability to create unique looks for different occasions.

There are many options for ordering from local shops, including telephone lines and websites that can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Shop owners have connections with thousands of florists around the country. They can guarantee that your custom arrangement will be delivered on time to almost anywhere.

Every day, even the smallest community florist can access fresh flowers and plants.

Local florists offer many customer service extras, including how-to workshops and rewards programs.

Cole stated, “Let your florist become your gift guide.” Cole said, “Let your florist be your gift consultant.” It’s you.”

Important Dates to Send Flowers

Prioritize certain dates on your calendar. Check your calendar at each month’s beginning to ensure you are on top of gifting. Ask your florist for help. You need to tell your florist about important dates that you want to be reminded of. The florist will reach out to you with gift ideas for the occasion and even remind you of what type of flowers you sent last year.

It would help if you took the time to choose something that suits your recipient’s style, interests and personality. These tips will help you get started.

Is there a hobby or interest that they are passionate about? A vintage vase with flowers can be added to the collection of an antique lover. A florist can arrange the right arrangement to match the vase.

Would they prefer a peaceful and romantic celebration? You might consider tickets-for-2 to attend a special event. Send a floral bouquet to your guest as a dinner invitation.

Do they deserve special pampering? Ask your florist for help creating a spa kit with bath beads, oils and beautiful arrangements of flowers.

Remember Special Days All Year Round

While there are many occasions in the year where gifts can be given and received, don’t forget to celebrate special milestones.

Although holidays, birthdays, and Anniversaries are important occasions, they’re not the only occasions when a gift can brighten someone’s day. A long-lasting friendship or shared achievement can strengthen and renew relationships with family and friends.

Do not let personal milestones pass you by without celebrating them. You should mark important events such as graduation, a new baby or promotion, and well-deserved retirement. Keep adding new events as they happen. A gift of recognition is appropriate for personal milestones like a first recital, completing an important project, quitting smoking or losing weight, and other personal achievements such as passing the bar exam. Personalized gifts increase the feeling of accomplishment and enhance the enjoyment of a well-performing job.

Send Flowers with F.R.E.S.H.

According to research by The Michael Cohen Group, January 2005, floral gift-buyers rely on local florists most often when it comes to flowers. There are many reasons, including florists’ professionalism, product quality, and convenience.

Rebecca Cole, professional florist designer and co-host on Discovery Channel’s Surprise by Design, recommends that you think F.R.E.S.H. No matter if you are sending flowers around the country or just around the corner,

It would help if you found your florist. Find someone you feel connected with, and choose them to be your florist for all occasions. Ask a friend or family member for recommendations of florists they trust. Visit the Florist Directory.

It is easy to research the various types of flowers. For a complete floral library, click here.

Evoke emotion. A gift of flowers can make a big difference in your mood. However, 88% of people agree that flowers can improve your mood. Send your friends flowers of their choice. The florist can help you achieve the feeling you desire. You can make your gift extra special by sending a card message with a personal meaning.

Surprise someone! Many people believe that flowers should be given “just because”. Unexpected gifts make the most impact.

You can be confident that you have sent a wonderful gift. Flowers fit everyone. Ninety-two percent of women can recall when they last received flowers, while 97 percent can remember when they last gave flowers to someone. Respondents described flower-givers as “thoughtful, sophisticated” people.

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