How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Choosing a venue, ordering invitations, choosing a dress, ordering alcohol, and finding entertainment are just some of the tasks involved in organising a wedding. While engaged couples work on bigger wedding plans, it is easy to forget about decorations. It doesn’t have that way. We’ll show you how to save on wedding flowers using a variety of proven … Read more

Essential Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Flowers

The Budget Savvy Bride loves to share practical tips and advice to help you plan your wedding the DIY way. Today’s post features advice from one of our partners,! They have some great tips if you plan to make your wedding flowers! Please continue reading for their tips. Buying Wedding Flowers You want to … Read more

Lovely Bridal Blooms Top 10 Wedding Flower Tips

First, choose the Bridal Bouquet; It’s your wedding day! You can choose the flowers and colors you wish for your bouquet. We can also easily select complementary colours for the bridal party. Select a Bouquet style that suits your gown and shape. Stilettos and track pants are not something you would wear (I hope!) You … Read more

Wedding Flowers Seasonality Guide

It can be difficult to navigate the maze of information about flowers available for weddings. The availability of wedding flowers changes each month depending on when you say “I do”. It is more common than not to have a wedding date. This can make it difficult and sometimes even upsetting for brides to discover that … Read more

Should I Hire A Wedding Florist

Flowers and decor can be a costly wedding expense. Engaged couples are naturally looking for ways to lower their wedding expenses. The question of whether to hire a florist or make your own flowers is likely to be asked. There are many things you should consider before you make a decision. Before you decide whether … Read more

7 Common Flower Mistakes Your Florist Wants You to Know

It’s great fun to find beautiful flower inspiration, but it can be difficult to get down to work and design, coordinate, and choose your stems. How can you tell the difference between a cornflower or a chrysanthemum, and how do you design your stems? How to maximize blooms according to the season and on a budget? Your florist … Read more